Consultancy. Think of me as affordable executive level temporary talent. Hand off your most troubling project.
This page used to provide a fairly up to date set of links to projects I am working on, or have worked on lately.
I am a generalist. My Resume shows that I am an expert in many fields and walk comfortably through the walls that separate many traditional knowledge guilds.
My Online Journal - not a Blog, but an ongoing stream of observations gleened from online dialogue, redacted to protect the innocent.
My Music - MP3 and RA streams. Live recordings of original music.
Google+ ID card with image from Alaska Senior Generalist

Protests against the US invasion of Iraq continued world-wide - in the clearest demonstration of united world opinion in history. This image from Bhopal
Protests around the world.
Bhopal, India 3-21-03
You drove your car to a meeting on sustainability?! who the hell are you kidding?! Essays on sustainability and self-deception
In the course of my work, I collect a lot of information. I maintain this disparate collection of links in a simple classification structure that I called my Slice through the Internet
For years I maintained a many-thousand volume inventory, and then came the Internet. But dead-tree books have many ergonomic advantages over computer-screens - you can read them in direct sunlight and you can leave them on a park bench for others to find. This is the electronic parkbench in front of my electronic soapbox
not as clever as Alice, this page is a javascript-based virtual fortune-cookie platter. Hit refresh and it hserves you a new set of fortunes.
Puff Stuff - because every so often the press finds me and I get famous again , for a little while. It normally passes.
My latest large scale more or less completed project.
Proof of concept for greenhouse effect greenhouse.
This site has gotten pretty long in the tooth, and it is currently looking (at least to me) a lot like a too-long-unweeded garden, gone to seed in front of an abandoned mansion.

Here's a capsule summary of what happened. Just about five years ago - after more than a decade of continuous development - I made a major course-correction. I did it in response to a direct challenge from an old friend from college days. He challenged me to step off the dock (this static website) and plunge into the 'alternate world' of social networks. Try to "raise the general level of discourse ..." on Facebook.

In the beginning, (May 2007) I grabbed a bunch of Ning domains, registered myself as a wikipedia editor, developed a wiki on Zoho (as a manageable sandbox, intending to transfer its content to wikipedia), and of course, I started a blog (long since abandoned). I also started attending a group called Seattle Net Tuesday and tossing meaningful content into the wasteland that was then Facebook and after about a year and a half of trying to keep this site connected to what I was doing (primarily developing airflow and heatflux models to support an integrated approach to designing and fabricating 'permanently affordable' housing) on my desktop and what i was sharing on Facebook, I declared that FB would be my primary one-to-many external communication tool (rather than this site, 2 listserves, and some email lists) and I also started using googledocs for more and more of my collaboration.

For most of the past few years I have tried to maintain a parallel presence in the very different worlds of Facebook and Google+ and right now I am not happy with how either of these platforms is evolving, so I am revisiting the possibilites offered by a more secure collaborative platform hosted on my own server(s) rather than continue on googledrives, dropboxes, or skydrives.

In the meantime, I am very easy to find on both FB and G+ and most of my posts are public. I'm at this link on Facebook and you do not need a G+ or even a gmail account to find my profile on Google+ - you don't even need that link - just google joe breskin profile
The two major new projects I am currently working on are a dirt cheap non toxic organic electrolyte flow battery with carbon plates made from biomass using pyrolysis and a new kind of brushless permanent magnet motor for electric bicycles.

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