Everytime you hit refresh, the scripts re-roll the dice and select a new set of 'quotes'.

The first quote is something I wrote, an excerpt from an email message. The rule that was applied to get it in this list is simply that someone sent it back to me with a reaction. Hence, it became a 'Breskinism'

The second quote is someone else's observation, peppered with items clipped from email dialogue.

The third quote, called 'Wake Up Call' is a collection of longer pieces that are intended to club us over the head. Hence "wake up call."

Recent Breskin-isms:

Other People's Observations:

Wake-up Call

Explanation Of This Page

The core premise of many of the tools of divination is randomization and juxtaposition.
The I-Ching is an excellent example, as is Tarot. Perhaps the best is fortune cookies at Chinese Restaurant. Who got your fortune? Whose did you get?

I initially became interested in computerized juxtapositions last fall when I was engaged in a flurry of correspondence with Jen Willis. Her email client selects quotes and appends them to the messages as they are sent. She has no control over the connection, and it was not clear to me that the software did either.

But the illusory 'connections' between the text she had written and the quote that her mail program attached were sometimes very powerful. So I built a jusxtaposition engine out of a simple javascript. It pulls a line of formatted text from a list of lines of formatted text. The process is repeated 3 times, using three seperate randomizations and three separate lists.

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