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The video at the right provides a short exploration of the growing gulf between the values on which a food coop was founded and the place where it finds itself, filled with products of unknown origin, buffeted by conflicting consumer demands and growing pressure as its traditional suppliers are gobbled up by multinationals. There is now a website that has grown from this discussion and a wiki as well.

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Best Available Science I built this blog after watching warring parties talk right past one another and block intelligent discussion of buffers at Critical Areas Ordinance hearings, and after watching a parallel collapse of a decades' worth of mediated agreement process leave Ecology unable to establish instream flows on WRIA 17 rivers.

WRITING MY WAY OUT OF A STATE OF SHOCK After partially digesting Veridian Notes 00470 and some papers about ethanol and 100 MPG hybrids, I was horrified to realize that no one was talking about water.

THE VOICE OF THE CYNIC (#2)  Observations and simplistic I-O analysis that began as a quest for signs that Food Coop shoppers might really be distinguishable from say, Safeway shoppers, based on quantifiable metrics such as the ratio between food calories and packaging calories found in their shopping carts.

THE VOICE OF THE CYNIC  Observations, concerns and digressions about "Fair Traded" goods, democracy and artful applications of green paint to cover up the ugly truth of globalization.

What REALLY matters? There are some things I have been SAYING a lot lately, about the origins of civilizations and the recent discovery of antidotes to some of its unintended consequences. Here they are.

On the unbridaled use of our imperial force, unilaterally, against another nation, in contradiction of international law; which fuels the recognition among a growing number of people of the world that nationhood, treaties and international law no longer provide a shred of useful protection against aggressors, thereby forcing the accceptance of terrorism (or demonstrated possession of nukes) as their sole recourse.

Etymology for activists.
As was the seventh meaning, which was the one the cops were holding to as they condensed the entire protest into one intersection, surrounded by rows of men armed with sticks and men with guns, with police helicopters flying overhead: The Seventh and final meaning of demonstration is: The exhibition of force or movement, indicating a readiness to attack if necessary.

STRING CHEESE HYPOTHESIS I just got back from rolling back the clock to 1972 and then to 1967.  This is the beginning.

Essay on Political Process in Jefferson County Written well over fifteen years ago and yet so little progress has been made that it is almost horrifying to read it now.

Sept 24th  2 weeks after 9/11 - a snapshot of an emerging understanding  ...

WTO Fashion Show where it first occurred to me that the majority of the protesters appeared to be quite willing to suspend their ethical positions when faced with the sticker-shock posed by a comparable products made in the US

Life in an inverted bureaucracy This is a story I have told a lot this year, the one about negativity falling like rain, about how traditional bureaucracies resist innovation at all levels. 

Second thoughts about Burningman. Burning Man 2002 was a gathering of thousands of people in the desert of Nevada that took place at the same time as the Global Summit on Sustainability in Johannesburg, SA. And cost just about as much to participate in ...

After the festival Workweek - Sweet's Mill August 1973. About the factors that get in the way of long term planning.

Election Night was really bizarre ... Observations from 2000 after taking the MSNBC Exit Poll 

Universities and knowledge from The Microbe Hunters

Playing music for fighting drunks on a piano in a bar.

Going to meetings instead of having a life ...


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