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Application Stovepipe (Affordable Housing subcommittee) (2007)

An experiment in Blogging (2007)

A Western Washington Water WIKI (2007)

My Online Divest-Store

My Online Journal

Voice of the Cynic

Seismic Hazard Information

Regional Water Storage: Issues and Options

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Joe Breskin EnviroSearch
Joe Breskin - Vita/Resume
Streaming recorded music in various MP3 and RealAudio formats
Random Observations Quote and Wakeup call generator. Requires Java-script capable browser

Light Emitting Diodes Applications - A "How To" - LED's as an enabling technology. Part 1

A slew of commercial websites I am involved in

The Tuva Trader - All manner of information and things related to Tuva and to the legacy of Richard Feynman who asked "Where is Tanu Tuva?"

Mike & Val James - Mike & Val have an album of music for kids. MP3 and Real Audio.

Buzz Music - Javascript website that plays MP3 music. Buzz Rogowski is a multi-talented keyboard player and sometines he has a band! Electric Blue Sun.

David Michael - David Michael and I play and record newage music together. This is his site. Lots of MP3 and Real Audio.

Tal Raboy - High Performance Stage Pirate & performance artist. MP3 and Real Audio.

North Olympic Salmon Coalition - Fixing the local environment so that fish can live here too ...

Ironwood Software - Pressto, Presspack and E-Net7 record-level data compression for mainframe computers, and Evsolve, the evolutionary solver. An interesting scientific software company.

Anne Clark - Performance Sign Language Interpreter

D & A Instruments Co. - builds water quality test equipment.

Jefferson County Marine Resources Committee. More fish stuff. Big science meets big politics.

Spiritline Kayaks - Corey Freedman's Skinboat School - learn to build Baidarkas and Umiaks!

What else do you call webstuff that's actually "done"? ... Spacejunk?

Chimacum Creek Salmon Pages

IAC Local Park Acquisition Slideshow

Design Engineering Textbook

A smart building code for the Oregon Country Fair

Published and unpublished manuscripts.

Like to be read to?

OMSE 'Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth Chapter 2 -1' - in Real Audio RM format.

OMSE 'Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth Chapter 2 -1' - in Real Audio RA format.

OMSE 'Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth Chapter 2-2 and Chapter 3' - in 32 kbps MP3 streaming format.

OMSE 'Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth Chapter 2-2 and Chapter 3' - in WMA streaming format.

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